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Tsarina (2014)

by J. Nelle Patrick(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 4
1595146938 (ISBN13: 9781595146939)
review 1: I have always have loved Russia & the Romanovs. I was so happy when this book came out and could not wait to read it! I wanted to love it BUT it was very boring to read! It was not a bad book but just boring to me anyway! Don't know why but it seems that every book about the Romanovs it starts off at the Winter Palace is it just me or WHAT??? Anyway I hated how Alexei seemed so much older then he was in real life! He was only 12 when he past away. And he was made out to be like 17 what's up with that??? I was happy that at the end the Author had made a note that most of what had happened in the book was not true! Thank the Good Lord!!!The ending was so odd It seemed that there was going to be a other book but its a sand alone. I did enjoy the righting style! I think ... morethe best part is the cover Its just beautiful!!!!
review 2: This historical novel about the Russian Revolution is heavy on the romance, with a dash of the supernatural. I'd say that the historical setting is pretty much that--setting. So don't expect a historical novel that really explores the period, because that is not the point of this novel. It did provide mild enjoyment, but there was a bit too much starry eyed romantic prose for my tastes. But, for your teens that love historical romances (think Jennifer Donnelly's Revolution), it will have lots of appeal. less
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A nice blend of history and magical realism. Great cover art.
A great YA read.
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