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The Happier Dead (2014)

by Ivo Stourton(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 1
1781081832 (ISBN13: 9781781081839)
review 1: The happier dead is a very interesting set up in it’s most basic form, set in London in a very close future. Rich are super rich and the poor… Let’s just say that it seems like the Conservative Party’s ideal UK. The rich can regain their youth on a probable limitless time scale while the outside has to pretty much go underground to be able to resist the constant barrage of advertising which has become a brainwashing god like power. Sound realistic to you? The happier dead is without a doubt a very political statement and a pretty bleak look, all be it from a fantasy stand point, on where the rich and stupid are headed. To me Stourton has taken an influence in the 2011 riots in London, put pen to paper, ran with a very vast imagination, and seen where the pen takes ... morehim. The writing skill set is very much on display in ‘the happier dead’ straddling the borders between sci fi standards and a screen play style of set up Stourton has delivered plenty of power for his pound here.
review 2: What can I say about Ivo Stourton's The Happier Dead book - do you know those nights when you sleep and don't sleep, you in constant in-between state when you are aware of everything that is around you but same time you are dreaming and since you are too tired to open your eyes you can't stop the nightmarish and exhausting dream you see, even if sometimes you think you are the one who is directing the dream, it is confusing and jumps from one place to another as dreams usually do and on the morning you are more tired than you were when you went to sleep.That's how I felt when I read this book.The story is happening - well approximately a year ago, 2013 pre-Christmas. People, specifically rich people, can become young again, if they want to. Rejuvenescence is conducted under one big dome close to London, were is always summer and one of their customers is brutally murdered.This London isn't the London we know and love, this London is dangerous do be if you do not have filter to breath/hear/see through, since the air in London is filled with dreems (advertisements that travel through air and make the defenseless obsessed with consumerism and when the dosage is really high and pure, people can become lost in their happy memories, like junkies). So people work in London but they live outside the city, mostly. Some brave and rich do live in city of course. Young and poor people have started riots against the city, looting shops, burning buildings and it gets worse night after night.The murder is solved within a short day and night, but turning this time happens so much and things get so complicated and confusing that the epilogue is like bucket of cold water over your head.It was an interesting and complicated and confusing story. less
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Unusual and interesting mixing between crime-noir genre and the meditation on mortality.
Odd concept but fun and interesting read.
Had to force my way through it.
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