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Spice And Wolf, Book 1 (2009)

by Isuna Hasekura(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 5
0759531048 (ISBN13: 9780759531048)
Yen On
Spice & Wolf
review 1: I checked this light Japanese novel out from the library after seeing the first two seasons of the anime adaptation and loving them. I am not really interested in series centered around fighting, which is why I took to this one centered around economics. I think I enjoyed the anime even more than this book due to the sly, coy, playful voice given to Holo, the character pictured on the cover. I gave Holo's dialogue that voice in my head as I read it. But the book was good and I plan on reading the next one in the series.
review 2: I have never read a book that can be make into three episodes. Who would thought that a translated novel can offer interesting plots like the rest of English novels? Unlike anime, this book contains a more detailed plot. You can be ama
... morezed by looking at how the two businessmen argue for prices. You can be amazed by knowing how powerful the church is at that time. Best of all, you can be amazed by the relationship between Lorence and Holo. less
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Currency speculation in my Japanese comic? It's more likely than you think!
Amazing fun to read and hilarious.
Horo,I like you!!!
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