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Life After Joe (2010)

by Harper Fox(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 5
1426890362 (ISBN13: 9781426890369)
Carina Press
review 1: Lots of angst with a dash of "aww" and, oh yeah, it's Christmas time. I don't typically like to read angst, but for some reason angsty holiday stories work for me if read sparingly. I certainly prefer them to their sugary-sweet counterparts that flood the market this time of year.  Matt is in the throes of relationship turmoil after his lifelong friend and lover, Joe, unceremoniously dumps him. It's been six months and Matt's still trying to find his way out of the depression and learn to live life for himself. Aaron's a light in the dark, a guy who seems a little too good to be true at first, but he has darkness in his past too, and they both help each other through it.  Yes, there's angst, but there's hope too as they form a bond neither expected to share again. It d... moreoes border on insta-love - we're talking two weeks here - but there's sufficient soul searching going on for both of them to pull it off without it seeming implausible. I really enjoyed this one and recommend it to anyone needing a break from the sugar-coated Xmas barrage. 
review 2: I don't even remeber why I had this book on my list at ARe but I decided to buy it last night since it was pretty short and I wanted a quick read. I never thought I'd end up completely loving it.The characters to me were wonderful in all their broken glory and I enjoyd reading about them falling in love. I appreciated the fact that Matt's problem with alcohol wasn't conveniently forgotten but was referred to even near the end. It's little details like these that make me love a book even more. After I'd finished I must admit I was a little sad about how short the story really was, but thinking about it I must admit that adding to it would've taken away the beautiful simplicity. less
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3.5Nice and well-written but very abrupt and unrealisitc ending (rom-com ending like).
I really enjoyed this book. I can see where a love lost can turn into a love gained.
Good solid writing and a good story
Review soon.
4.5 stars
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