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What He's Been Missing (2012)

by Grace Octavia(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
0758265395 (ISBN13: 9780758265395)
review 1: What He's Been Missing by Grace OctaviaCelebrity wedding planner Rachel needs to find her true love. When her best friend Ian intends to propose to what he thinks is the love of his live, Scarlet and tells Rachel she has to move fast.Her friends think they both are perfect for one another. She starts dating to throw him off as to how much she likes Ian herself but it's backfiring on her.She doesn't want to do their wedding but will she get roped into doing it anyway?Liked the book but the f bomb on every page got to me after a while, otherwise the book was a good read.Funny appropriate hashtags at the beginning of each chapter.
review 2: This story was captivating and a roller-coaster to say the least. Octavia gives us the tale of Rachael and Ian's friendship t
... moreurned serious turned failed, turned loved turned fail! This novel shows genius metaphors of true love and completeness. She writes with such passion of love that by the end of the tale you'll wish it were you. Well written flowing read that will gear you up for part 2! I fully enjoyed the wit, dialogue, and depth of this book. Excellent! Majesti BurroughsAAMBC Reviewer less
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I really wanted her and Ian to be together,but then that would have been predictable .
This was good, the ending could have been better but worth the read. Great plot.
I couldn't get into this one... Great writing though.
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