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Moon College (2013)

by Geoffrey Litwack(Favorite Author)
3.12 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I had the pleasure of reading Moon College by Geoffrey Litwack last night. It started out as conventional science fiction with a moon shuttle and a college in Moon Base Serenity which was very well described. It then morphed into a more character driven story about a 17 year old boy’s journey into adulthood with familiar issues (e.g. bullying) and unique challenges (major spoiler if disclosed). Since my teenage years are long behind me, I don’t read much with teenage protagonists, but I really was captivated by Moon College and now want to know what happens to the characters. My only quibble was that I found the author using his last name for the MC a little disingenuous.
review 2: The premise of this book plants the story of a young man living on the m
... moreoon and studying there. It also has a beautiful girl ( surprise surprise) and he falls for her.The first part of the book was interesting. The second half was all clutter and seemed non purposive. I felt it wasnt going anywhere and waited patently to see what was all about but it went nowhere. (again, surprise! ) The writing feels unfocused at times. If that was what the writer was intending I feel he achieved it right.I did enjoyed the first part, but after that I just wanted it to end. I didnt want to leave it because I always end books but it was hard for me. There seems to be a second book in the works. I hope the author keeps getting better at it. less
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it's a good book, i really enjoyed and has good flow in story i read in two days :)
The book was ok nothing really special .
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