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Crudrat (2014)

by Gail Carriger(Favorite Author)
4.38 of 5 Votes: 1
AWP Science Fiction
review 1: Crudrat is a bit of a departure, more space drama sci-fi than steampunk, but it is still Carriger's unique wit and style. There's a strong female lead, Maura, who is set apart from society both by her appearance and her actions. She's thrown into awkward and exciting situations, where she is given the opportunity to prove herself. All the while, readers are meeting new, well developed characters and experiencing a very detailed, colorful new world.Only two minor complaints force me to rate it 4 instead of 5 stars. First, there are some editing mishaps that, momentarily, took me out of the story. They're rare, but glaring in such an otherwise pristinely woven storyline. Second, the ending is a tad abrupt. The reader is not necessarily "left hanging", but the world is... more so enthralling that, on the last page, you're greedy for the next chapter in this adventure. This was obviously meant to become another series and I really hope that comes to fruition.
review 2: The universe expanded fast.Crudat keeps a great pace, ever answer creates more questions making you race till the end. Starting from small and cramped to the roofless possibilities of endless space, Gail has built a world from the inside out and then goes beyond. You don’t need a Cypher to see the hints to an underlying mythology that will tie the universes and characters together as the series continues.This one is looking forward to experiencing Maura’s journey again as a full cast audio book when it’s released in April. less
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Delightful. a Dickensian space opera with spies, aliens, park our, and fish out of water theme.
Absolutely brilliant - I really hope there is more to come!
I am SO SAD THIS IS OVER! I loved it. Love love loved it.
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