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Grind (2012)

by Fire & Ice(Favorite Author)
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1938442199 (ISBN13: 9781938442193)
G Street Chronicles
review 1: Having grown up to a mother addicted to crack Jamal always had a rough upbringing. He was always teased for what his mother did and who she was, but that didnt stop him from loving her. One night Jamal's life changes as his mother puts him to bed and goes to get high in the next room which causes a house fire. The fire changes Jamal lie forever leavng him scared for life at a young age, and also an orphan. Having no family he was placed into the system, and because of the way he looked he was passed from home to home, which caused him to grow up faster than he had to so that he could protect himself. Growing up not knowing how it felt to be loved, when he finally gets into a loving household it catches him off guard, but once again happiness doesnt last to long in Jam... moreal's world and one day coming home from school everything changes agan. Now with no one to turn to and no place to go Jamal has to Grind hard and make it the best way that he can. Will Jamal be able to put his past in the past and Grind as much as he can or will he be subjected to the cruel world.I really enjoyed this book, when I started I will say it wasnt pulling me in right away, I am not sure if its because it was kind of slow, because the first chapter had few errors or because two authors and the writing was flowing together yet. Anyways once I got past the first chapter I was really all into it and wanted to know what was going to happen next. Reading it you cant help but feel bad for Jamal he goes through so much and he had to go through it alone because he didnt have anyone there or him. Anyone who has been in foster care or knows someone who has can relate to the struggles that Jamal went through. I liked Jamal despite is hardcore exterior, and he was that way because of how he had been treated, but he really cared for those who was in his circle and made sure they were taken care of and I liked that about him. I was turning pages because the drama, the lies and deceit just kept going and I needed to know who was going to do what next and what would happen. Just as it was really getting good it ended so I hope that part 2 will be coming out soon because I really need to read it and see what it going to happen next. I recommend this book and cant wait or part 2!!
review 2: In Grind we follow the life of Jamal. He didn't have it easy at all!! This story don't just show us the bad side to selling drugs, it shows us why some people choose the life. Not having any family or anyone to love him Jamal does the only thing he knows how to do best.... SURVIVE. You can't help but fall in love with him. It's like you just want to bring him to life and love him. Take a walk with Jamal and his crew as they show you that just because you don't share blood with someone don't make them any less your family. I really enjoyed this book because not only was it a great read it also showed that even if you see it there are people that actually do love you. I can't wait for part 2 To see what happens with the crew and the ever growing beef between Jamal and DaQuan. Fire&Ice..... LADIES KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!! I'M HONORED AND PROUD TO BE ABLE TO WATCH YOU LADIES GO TO THE TOP!!!!! #GOOOOOOOONNNNNIIIIEEEESSS!!! LOL less
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I loved it i just have one question when is part two coming out
Another great one by Fire & Ice. I loved it
dam, dam
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