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Forged (2000)

by Erin Bowman(Favorite Author)
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0062117327 (ISBN13: 9780062117328)
review 1: This final book in the Taken trilogy focuses on Gray Weathersby’s increased efforts to help his band of rebels overthrow the Franconian Order that rules the country. Gray realizes that the Order purposely publicized AmWest as their enemy because the truth is that they too are unhappy with the Order and would likely become Expat allies if the two sides ever met--which happens just before this book starts. With new allies, the rebels are hopeful for ending Frank’s rule, however, danger surrounds them constantly. Also, tensions escalate when the newest forged clones are so believable they can even trick those closest to the original person. Gray does not know who to trust when he finds a Forgery within his inner circle, but knows he has to keep fighting even when faced wi... moreth staggering losses. Romantic conflict continues to hound Gray as he struggles with his feelings for Bree and Emma (his future and his past) but knows his personal life is not as important as his country’s fight for freedom. Teens will enjoy the continued action and adventure as the plot twists and turns; they will not be disappointed with the final book and feel satisfied with its heart-pounding ending.
review 2: One thing I love about literature is its diversity, and the ability for every reader to find "that book" which stamps itself on them and leaves a mark of some emotion. If as readers we are lucky, we find multiple books which leave an impression. For me, the Taken Trilogy found a home. This is the first series with a male protagonist which I have loved since reading Harry Potter (I seem to be picky with my male main characters). I was anxious to read the final installment after being torn to pieces by the end of the second installment, Frozen, but had faith Erin Bowman would set things right. I had my wish fulfilled, though first I had to read through more gut wrenching scenes and hair yanking suspense, but the ending was a balm for those shattered pieces. In a world where trust in another could lead to a death sentence, Gray Weathersby clings to those he loves and risks everything to expose the truth which divides the nation. Forged becomes an example of the challenge to humanity when faced with no clear moral answer, and the fortitude of unbreakable bonds between family, friends, and lovers. This books is fast paced (I finished it in one reading as there was never a good stopping point) with the perfect amount of suspense, humor, and endearing moments. But the true strength of this book can be found in the characters. The entire cast is so well-written, each with their own unique voice and set of quirks, that they linger even after completing the book. I could write more, but there would be spoilers. If you love books full of suspense, adventure, moments where you want to scream because everything is about to fall apart-then read the Taken trilogy. If you love books with characters who are raw and real and flawed, then read the Taken trilogy. If you love books which present challenges to the human spirit, then read the Taken trilogy. If you loved Hunger Games-read the Taken trilogy. And if you love that big fat thing called cosmic irony-then this series is for you! less
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Expected publication: April 14th 2015 by HarperTeen
That COVER!!! I love it!!!
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