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Sew Deadly (2009)

by Elizabeth Lynn Casey(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
0425229106 (ISBN13: 9780425229101)
Berkley Prime Crime
A Southern Sewing Circle
review 1: "Ever since she moved to Sweet Briar, South Carolina, Yankee librarian Tori Sinclair has been the talk of the tiny town. But she's been so busy at work, winning over the sewing circle, and trying to forget her cheating ex that she hasn't even had time to baste together a pillow, let alone mind local gossip. Then she finds the hometown sweetheart dead at her back door...Everyone believes the police investigator, who's just fixin' to link Tori to the murder in a love triangle gone bad. To clear her name, Tori will have to rely on her new sewing sisters and stitch together the truth- or be darned.""Sew Deadly" was a pure delight from beginning to end. It even made me cry a couple of time. The true essence of "Southerness" from the sweet tea right down to the "bless your he... morearts" is captured wonderfully. This is such a comfortable novel that readers will feel right at home on Tori's front porch, if she can ever find a bulb for the light. And the gorgeous artwork on the cover is taken right from the description of Tori's living room - just perfect. A GREAT read and looking forward to more in the series!
review 2: After being jilted by her fiancé, librarian Tori Sinclair moves from Chicago to Sweet Briar, South Carolina and encounters all things Southern. Because she is a new-comer, suspicion falls on her when the town sweetheart, Tiffany Ann, is murdered. Tori perseveres and solves the mystery with the help of her new friends in her sewing circle.As a librarian who enjoys sewing myself, combining these two "threads" in a story should be a win-win situation. But there are some annoying and unrealistic elements. The characters are very stereotyped - even to the point of being caricatures. And Lulu seems more like a kindergartener or first grader than a third grader. The kids I encounter on a daily basis in our library are much more mature.On a positive note, I appreciate Tori's determination to create a Children's Room for the library, and to make reading a fun activity for the students. less
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cozy mysteries - perfect to snuggle with on a dreary, rainy day like the last few days.
Cozy Mystery, first in a series, quick read I liked it, nice rainy afternoon book.
I didn't finish the book. It didn't grab my interest or attention.
Cozy mystery, city girl moves to small southern town.
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