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Cuentos Macabros (2011)

by Edgar Allan Poe(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: Macabre, indeed. The first tale in this edition is the haunting "Berenice"; a tale about obsession/fixation, death, bloody teeth and resurrection. Shortly after follows "The Black Cat"; a story of alcohol abuse, fire, damnation, murder and a black cat who is the source of it all. Poe's stories are filled with unreliable narrators, either blinded by alcohol or caught in a blurry opium haze, and beautiful women with voices like soft music, inevitably destined to an early death. Poe uses themes of guilt and a continual striving towards proven sanity, to expose his characters and draw them out from the darkness they have surrounded themselves with.The book itself is a beautiful object; filled with sinister and creative illustrations which only adds to the natural darkness of t... morehe stories. It is a wonder to flip through and to own; adorning every bookshelf with its terrible beauty.
review 2: I've always wanted to read something by Edgar Allan Poe. Since my interest in ghothic stuff when I was young, until my admiration for people like Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman, who were strongly influenced by him. And of course, for my love of all things horror!Than, I got introduced to Benjamin's Lacombe art, and felt in love with it at the first sight. I admired the fact that he did illustrations for childrens books with a dark tone, as Tim Burton does with his movies.So when I discovered this book, I just had to had it! I tried and tried to bought it, until finally I got it as a gift last Christimas.What a beautiful book! The hardcover is already a piece of art. There are illustrations in pretty much every page, but with perfect balance, without taking too much attention from the text. And the text was everything that I hoped from a master of horror, and a little more!He writes his horror stories in first person, so you get inside the mind of his mad characters. There's poetry, beauty and a lot of really dark stuff, that goes perfectly together with Lacombe's illustrations.One of the best books that ever got to my hands! less
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Poe, la traducción por Cortazar, ilustraciones de Benjamine Lacombe. No podía salir mal ♥
Una traducción impecable y una edición que vale la pena tener en la biblioteca.
Decir que es una preciosidad es quedarse corto...
Es hermoso! Edgar Allan Poe es el maestro!
me gustó mucho esta edición
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