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Caccia Alla Tigre (2014)

by Drew Chapman(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 1
8820055392 (ISBN13: 9788820055394)
Garrett Reilly
review 1: This book is terrifyingly plausible. Though a fast paced novel and a thriller, it paints a pretty compelling picture of how wars will be fought in the very near future (If they're not already being fought this way now), not with declarations, guns and tanks, but in secret, with cyber attacks, economic maneuvering and media manipulation, all of which can bring a nation to it's knees within hours. This book will keep you awake and night and leave you trusting no one, believing nothing, and generally feeling overwhelmed and powerless. Good times.
review 2: Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. Garrett Reilly is a bond trader on Wall Street who can see patterns. One day, he discovers the Chinese are dumping Treasury bonds and whe
... moren he alerts his boss, the Defense Intelligence Agency comes looking for him. Garrett is a slacker, he likes working after a few bong hits and he hates the military for killing his beloved older brother. The DIA has been looking for someone like Garrett, someone who can fight the next war that won't be fought on battlefields but is already being fought in cyberspace. When they turn Garrett lose along with a team of other hackers and slackers, the results are impressive. What follows is mayhem. This is a riveting read with enormous implications for cybercrime. Recommended reading for every Pentagon and CIA operative. less
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Really well written thriller. Best book I've read in this genre in a while.
A very enjoyable read. Hope to see where the series will be going.
GREAT CONTEMPORY plot. Reads like a movie script.
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