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Crazy In Paradise (2011)

by Deborah Brown(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 1
1463550626 (ISBN13: 9781463550622)
Paradise Books
review 1: When Madison’s Aunt Elizabeth dies of a heart attack, she inherits The Tarpon Cove Cottages, a beachfront motel. She is pumped up ready to begin with day-to-day operations. The only trouble is that the executer is the sleazy probate lawyer handling the estate. In the meantime, hot, hunky Zack shows up on her doorstep after being shot. To her surprise, she learns that he was one of Elizabeth’s friends. In fact, he is one of a group of friends of possible shady character. And things just get crazier daily it seems.I loved Madison and Zack’s chemistry. Her personality fit right in with all of the characters. I think she should have been more aggressive with the lawyer and Will, though. But the way things turned out, I probably would have been killed straight ... moreoff.
review 2: I was so upset, I almost cried (seriously!) I did not want this book to end!This was a quick (to me anyway), easy read and I was crushed when it ended. I really, really enjoyed this book!Tarpon Cove is a small town so when people show up announced, it didn’t seem strange to me. I actually would love to live in a small town where that was normal! I was raised in a small town (which is no longer small) and while people didn’t necessarily walk into our house unannounced, they would show up unannounced and you never worried about locking the doors – that is my kind of living!I love Zach. I love the tough guy and I love his crew! My kind of friends!There was definitely a mysteriousness about this book as you try to put all the pieces together and there was definitely suspense and romance!I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend Crazy in Paradise. In my personal opinion, I didn’t find it to be a chick book. I think it could be enjoyed by males and females alike. less
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What a great read! I'm looking forward to reading the others in the series.
Like her writing style, but the story was very predictable.
Very enjoyable. Free too if I am not mistaken.
Lots of fun to read.
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