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Rock Me Slowly (2013)

by Dawn Sutherland(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 5
Dawn Sutherland
Buried Alive Rockers
review 1: ok lets see...Well I wouldnt say that this book was horrible but it wasnt the best that I've read by far...I am one that is totally into the whole "Rocker" thing but I have to admit, this book did nothing for me. I really hate to give a bad review because there were some good things about the book because obviously I finished it or that could just be because I refuse to stop a book once I have started it..lol..I cant really say:) Ok so the idea for the story was a good one..a different take on things I guess you could say with the whole stylist idea but thats about as creative as this got..Something about Sophie's charater just all together turned me away..I think the only character that actually had any of my interest was Tanner and this isnt even about him! I think that ... moreit all could've gone in a completely differnt direction and things could've turned out different for this book but for right now I am very disappointed and I have to say that I doubt I will be looking you the 2nd book to this series anytime soon:(
review 2: Book cover is to die for but the story is ...wow at first I thought maybe the story will pick up slowly but after reading till page 56...nope nothing.I have high expectations to this book right after reading the synopsis and of course because of the killer book cover. I'm a rock punk fun and I can't resist book that had hot bad boy rockstar.Somehow it's kind of disturbing how the writer describe the band. But I can imagine that they all a hot and sexy male. About the heroin, at first I adore Sophie for being independent and sweet but after that her character seems weird. Too much complaining, cranky and doesn't have fixed character. She cry and complaining like spoiled child to Blaine after Josh not willing to f**k her...duh talk about being mature and an adult.I don't know maybe it's just me feeling it.And I ended up not finishing this book. less
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Couldnt even finish it. It needs editing. :(
Very predictable and not all that good.
Loved it! Can't wait for book 2!
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