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The Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure Novel: Mars (2011)

by David Borgenicht(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 4
Chronicle Books LLC
review 1: If I were rating this in terms of personal enjoyment, I'd probably give it three stars. However, I'm going to rate this one in terms of "book-talkability", and also in terms of other Choose Your Own Adventure books. Recently, my boyfriend came home with one of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books, and we read one together. I never realized how SUPER LAME those books are. Almost no matter what you choose, you die a horrible death -- OR even worse the story ends at really random places that seem like they COULD be beginnings of stories instead of ends.This book totally transforms the lameness of Choose Your Own Adventure Books into awesomeness. Before you read the actual story, the text directs you to read a non-fiction guide in the back. The guide tells you thi... morengs about surviving on Mars, stuff about geography and the layout of the place your going, etc. etc. The book also informs you that while there are 24 endings, only ONE of them is the ending in which you achieve ultimate success in your Mars journey. This instantly turns this book into a game. Not only are you trying to read a story, but you're trying to choose the RIGHT story -- the story that will make you a winner! Competition + non-fiction + story decisions that are actually effected by facts...it's just a cool combo. This will be a great book-talk for 3rd-5th graders -- it has just enough of a quirk factor mixed with fun non-fiction, and there's a GOAL. Particularly great for reluctant readers (there's pictures! And comic strips!) and boys.
review 2: The Worst Case Scenario: MarsLove this book! Love the first one details and climb of the group up Mount Everest. This novel is no different… maybe better! Anytime a teen or I, the reader get to choose the outcome of an amazing story it makes me want to read more about the subject (other fiction and nonfiction works) and look for other possibilities for novels like this one. This book’s storyline is how we (society and the characters in the story) are dealing with space, the earth and of course the human role (philosophy) in the adventure of space. I love the solar system, particularly MARS. So, I get to be part of a crew that goes to Mars. The information of the crew is an important part of this… grabs-me, game-like adventure story. The extra plus bonus are picture boards that often help carry the story forward (some swatches of graphic novel pages.) less
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this was pretty cool! but I always end up being dead, or being thrown back to earth. hahaha
Excellent choice for readers who like to be the master of their own ship!
Modern day choose your own adventure with graphic novel elements.
choose your own adventure book
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