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Don't Wait For Me (2012)

by Dan Kolbet(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 4
Alfeka Publishing
review 1: I was not expecting the story line to go the way it did. As an independent author Dan Kolbet did an amazing job. It was interesting enough to keep you interested and wanting to know what happened next. However, it did not flow as well as I would have hoped, which is why I opted for 4 stars versus 5. At the end Dan speaks about how this was never intended to be a novel, and can I just say, thank you for making it a novel. It was very humbling to read and regardless of if you are spiritual or not the saying everything happens for a reason truly resonates throughout the entire story.
review 2: Dan Kolbert's 'Don't Wait For Me' is a tragic but highly engaging tale of a man struggling with love, loss and his place in the world. I found the book a quick read but the
... morestory was amazingly told with just enough detail to really help the reader image the characters and settings. Which resulted in a direct hit to the feels as the book ended. I'd highly reccommend 'Don't Wait For Me' to anyone who loves a good read! less
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it was a good story..Little slow and very sad.. twist at the end.
Good book ... enjoyed it but was hoping for a different ending.
Nice read.
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