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Escape From Zarahemla (2011)

by Chris Heimerdinger(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 4
1608615405 (ISBN13: 9781608615407)
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review 1: This is the sequel to Passage to Zarahemla. In this novel the main characters find themselves in the past in the middle of a Native American war between two tribes. There is a lot of motifs about light and darkness and good and evil and how both are powerful but one is ultimately a copy of the other. With this book the author ties this series into his other time travel series Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites.LDS Novel
review 2: Title of book: Escape from Zarahemla year:2011Author: Chris Heimerdinger pages: 263intended audience for book: anyoneMain issue: trying to find their step mom and half brotherSetting: in zarehemla along time ago B.CDescription of main characters: kerra and Brock kerra strong she got gifts white with long brown hair 18 years old. Brock
... moreshort is white with black hair 15 years old and mean.story summary: they have a flood so now they can use the portales to go back to zarehemla to find their step mom and half brother when they go they meet up with the nephites who are in a war with the gadianton warriors so they help the nephites by using their gifts and finding the leader of the gadianton warriors who is from the 20th century like them and the nephites help them find their step mom and half about the book: I liked how the bad guy was from the 20th century like them.Two quotes: welcome back to the ranks of the warriors of zarahemla PG: 259I found you thanks be to god. I had begun to lose hope. PG: 27theme: those who mess with the McConnell family often loserecommend this book: anyone who likes to here or read bout nephite battles and war and mystery.unique about this book: its a\based of the scriptures. less
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I liked it. I kind of felt that the book wasn't really for me.
very fun I couldn't put it down.
Better than the first!
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