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Safeword Davenport (2012)

by Candace Blevins(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 1
1609826604 (ISBN13: 9781609826604)
review 1: This was a tough one. I have to tip my hat to the author in that it evoked a wide range of emotions for me. It is NOT a light weight, feel good kind of read. It clearly depicts the edgier, more extreme elements of bdsm. The emphasis is more on the SM side of the fence without the balance of the warm fuzzies. Even though I love TPE, I guess I'm more of a D/s and BD sort of girl. I just found much of the action out of my comfort zone.
review 2: Wow! This was way out there. Not sure how to even describe the book other than to say - wow! Some scenes were a little clinical in nature but still over the top heavy BDSM. I had some trouble sifting the romance out of everything that went on, but the author did a masterful job making sure you knew that these pe
... moreople cared for one another even while they engaged in their respective kinks. Nice pacing. Loved that there was no insta-love. Just a wonderful, heavy, panty melting foray deep, deep into BDSM. Not for faint of heart! Will be reading the sequel and more of Ms. Blevin's work. less
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I love Candace!!! This book is my favorite!!
This book was a visceral read. Loved it.
Wow. Don't have words yet or a rating.
3.5 Stars
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