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I Feel Only You (2012)

by Cadence Donovan(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 4
1463571585 (ISBN13: 9781463571580)
Shared Senses
review 1: The saying that opposites attract is very true when it comes to Chalice and Jackson’s relationship, which is centered on a Christian based understanding of spiritual fulfillment. Their relationship is focused on trust and understanding, honesty from both sides and when regarding their stepchildren. Life however is not always straightforward as outside forces and complications can threaten all that is secure, as in the case of Chalice and Jackson who begin to even loose their faith in God. This heartwarming and poignant story observes relationships within life and how a Christ centered relationship, built on a mutual understanding and love can ultimately lead to long-term happiness. This book is not just targeted towards those who have religious beliefs, but more so for t... morehe general reader who is looking for something thought-provoking and fascinating. As you grow to love these two characters, understand them and their situation you begin to observe their relationship which thus inspires you to think about your own self. Not only does it make you think about romantic relationships but also friendships, family relationships and how you connect with a particular loved one. This truth-drawing, engaging book can also apply to thoughts regarding ones career and those whom you work with on a more professional level. This inspirational book looks at the highs and lows within life; mistakes and regrets that we can have, bad decisions and what ultimately defines our actions and our thoughts. I was touched and moved deeply by the author’s intent within her work, which I found most personal being something that I could really relate to and understand its meanings. The importance of family is emphasized, as to is commitment within a relationship which are two things that are the building blocks for the foundations of a happy and fulfilled life. Highlighting how one should be caring and considerate towards others is most prominent throughout, with the author expressing her views on how life is most enjoyable when you are surrounded by those whom you love and care for (when did being alone and selfish bring anyone happiness?). I could not help but fall in love with the story of this couple, who I think many readers could connect to in some way with their relationship being so realistic and honest. This book left me feeling uplifted, with positive thoughts for the future and an overall heightened sense of awareness which I had not previously possessed. I urge you to read this book, that is absorbing and which many readers like myself will find life-changing.
review 2: Cadence Donovan is a true writer from the heart. She has captured reality and transformed it into a great story with simplicity and unforgettable characters... like Chalice and Jackson, which are two great names I will personally remember forever. This book is definitely a page turner and had me on the edge of my seat! I could not put it down:) Thank you Cadence, for having such a great imagination that allows the true colors of life to shine in. I'm looking forward to reading your next project! less
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I won this through the GoodReads giveaways!
3.5 stars to be exact
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