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Cowslip A Slave (1973)

by Betsy Haynes(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 4
1499270666 (ISBN13: 9781499270662)
review 1: "I got to put my scaredness under my feet and stand on it." I think we all need to do this at times. Like Twain did in Puddin' Head Wilson, Haynes talks about the brainwashing that went on with slaves and how that brainwashing kept many slaves from feeling like freedom was a right. The bible was used to try to keep them slaves. I also enjoyed the hoodoo that was included - superstition was rampant during this time period among both blacks and whites. This is a sad book, but one with hope and dignity as well. This is a book that should be reprinted because it is very hard to find. It was orginally published in 1973. The copy I found is titled Slave Girl but says on the cover, "Orginal title: Cowslip."
review 2: I read this book multiple times as a kid. My mother
... more had given it to me, saying I would like it and she was definitely right. At nine, I was fascinated and appalled that something like slavery existed in my country, but this book actually helped me understand the whole horrid incident more. Learning Cowslip's story was both educational and entertaining. As I recall, there were somewhat harsh times in the book (which is to be expected) but it was overall a happy tale. Any young reader would be a great audience. I wish I hadn't lost my copy so I could lend it to my youngest sister. less
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I really liked this one as a kid. I got it from the Scholastic "book order" in elementary school.
One of the best books i ever read
New Title: Slave Girl
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