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Journey To Virginland: CATENA (2013)

by Armen Melikian(Favorite Author)
3.27 of 5 Votes: 2
1466988843 (ISBN13: 9781466988842)
Trafford Publishing - A Penguin Books Company
review 1: I found this to be one of the most unique and most extraordinary books I have ever read. Have you ever listened to a song, saw a movie, read a book, that was so powerful and meant so much, and you gained so much from that tiny little piece of imagination the songwriter/author/filmmaker, shared with you, that you wished you could personally thank him or her? That is how this book was to me after finishing it.This book and I had a love/hate relationship at first, and after understanding what the author was trying to convey, I started to fully embrace this book, and well, simply loved it;) At first, when I opened this book, I saw my country,(which I adore), mapped as, Satanland, well, that made my blood boil, lol!I texted my husband and my mom, and said, "Wow! They want me to... more read a book and review a book that is apparently just making fun of us!!" Well, that made me so angry that I started reading and thought, if this book is what I think it is, I am sending it back!! I started finding some hilarious stuff, (the author has a neat witty way about himself), and I started texting my mom and my husband again, saying, "Oh! Haha!! He wrote this (or this)", and well, even if this book had to get in line with other books, I had no choice but to finish this that very day. If you are planning on reading this, don't read while doing a million other tasks;) It is like a child, in the sense that you must offer your full attention, or you will miss something important, and you really don't want to miss anything, trust me! I won't say I recommend this to everybody, I don't think everybody will like it, I think some will take offense, when really, there shouldn't be any. I mean, after all, this is just somebody's mind here, right? Just because it is written, doesn't mean it is true.. or is it? and maybe that could be the reason why you don't appreciate this book?
review 2: Ordinarily I wouldn’t think twice about rating a book poorly and rattling off the reasons why I didn’t like it, but I won this in a goodreads giveaway, and the author was even nice enough to sign the book for me, so I feel a little guilty at the thought of saying, for instance, that the book’s humor is sophomoric and predictable, or that its ideas have previously been explored by many other writers with better style and wit. I like the author’s ambition (but not the pomposity of its presentation) and I hope that in the future he will have the ability to manage his ambition and make a good book out of it. No star rating because I couldn’t finish it. I may try again someday. less
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I'm sure this book is remarkable for many, but I couldn't relate to it.
I will be excited to see what this book is all about.
Review copy won on on 4-17-12.
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