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The Ghost Files 2 (2014)

by Apryl Baker(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 7
Limitless Publishing
The Ghost Files
review 1: Well after reading the first how could I not go out and get the second of this amazing series!! Mattie and Dan are back at it again in the second book to this series. After dealing with her Foster Mother trying to kill her, Mattie is now dealing with a whole new group of ghosts and demons while in a Haunted House in New Orleans. While there Mattie meets Eli, and the rest of the Malones and greeted by Dr.Olivet.This time Apryl brings more light on Officer Dan and Mattie's past and secret connections that no one expects. Once again I had a problem putting this book down. Once I started I was sucked right in. With all the new intriguing characters Apryl brings into the story how could I not?!? I don't want to give away any spoilers, but I will tell you this, make sure you cle... morear your schedule before starting!!Filled with lies, secrets, romance and twist in the plot that leaves you wanting more and more! Bravo! Apryl!! I would highly recommend The Ghost Files to EVERYONE!!!
review 2: Let me start by saying that loved The Ghost Files. I was excited to read the second. However, I was a bit disappointed in this second novel. Let's start with the good: I love the characters as always. I was glad to see Dr. Olivet back in the second installment. The new characters introduced were well written and developed. The ghosts were awesome and gruesome all at the same time. I love to hate them and it was no different this go around. I liked the MAIN story line.... That was my biggest issue with this book. Trying to dig out the main story line hidden under all the subplots. Ok, first of all I felt like there was WAY to much going on in this story. It jumped around from story line to story line making my head spin. I personally thought every thing with Dan's mom was not needed, it felt forced, and I'm still totally befuddled by it. Not to mention... It's a phone call... I mean that's what we assume. No evidence. A phone call and the police are banging down the door. Then there was the demon not one but two! One sent to protect Dan... Never find out who did that and another random one. Then Mattie starts having visions, but it stops with one and again no explanation as to why she even had it to begin with. Personally it felt like the author couldn't figure out what rode to take and it ended up a giant mess. I give this 3 stars for characters, and the MAIN storyline. Both of which, I felt, could have held their own with out everything else. less
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I like the first one better, but this one was still really good.
Awesome book. Couldn't stop reading. I was hooked.
GREAT BOOK. I was unable to put it down
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