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Veil (2012)

by Aaron Overfield(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 2
1479106895 (ISBN13: 9781479106899)
Aaron Overfield
review 1: This has a dense well-written plot and dynamic characters. It's hard to write a review about this book because it is complex and it would take too long to summarize it. Instead I'll only offer my opinions.The author can write wonderfully. There is a way with words that puts him on par with the masters. That being said, there is a little too much "telling" instead of "showing." His bio says this is his first book so I imagine that will improve with time. That being said as well, for a first novel, this is an impressive feat.I can't comprehend the kind of mind that can not just come up with the techology described in Veil but then to take the story on the twists and turns in the second two parts of the book. At no point in time could I have guessed what was coming next and t... morehat could be the beauty of the writing here. This book takes your mind on a ride, introduces you to very interesting, complex, tormented characters, and then leaves you breathless in the end (and sad for some of the new characters).Again, this is a hard book to review, all I can do is recommend that people read it. This isn't so much a "novel" as it is a vision of a world that leaves me haunted.Considering how the book ends (I don't want to add any "spoilers"), I don't know where the next book (there are supposed to be three books if I understand correctly) could possibly go. I plan on finding out when the time comes.
review 2: STILL reading Veil, and honestly, I feel the book should have ended a LONG time ago. (Like directly after "Big thing" involving Ken and Suren and affecting Hunter in a huge way) It is just dragging on and on, but I can't just quit now. It's an interesting story, but he also really overplayed the concept of Veil. Veil has taken over the world and is used to pass laws, run a court system, and the United States Congress approves everything the makers bring to them because they are afraid the veil will be taken away? There is a temple built to the originater of veil, and there is even some religeous overtones towards the Tsay name (Jin Tsay is the originator of the Veil). Time is counted in Veil years and life is seen as Pre or Post Veil. Veil has not only taken over the United States, it has taken over the world, and there is no reason for money, or room for prejudice, because it has become the great equalizer. The writer finds a way to put v or veil in every word or concept, and is found on almost every page (ok, so not every page, but holy crap is it in that book a LOT!). Here is an example of the Veilization of EVERYTHING..."Velebrities, vElementary school, the NewVeilWorld, Veillusion, vGriever, vAtoner, vNet, vPort, vKey, Surveillors, Veilinquish/Veilinquishment, Veilological, the list is endless, and a little ridiculous. The insult fest that is HUNTER is really over the top and annoying as well. It's like the author just had a ball inventing insults for asian women, gay men, and later on, short young women. What is supposed to be an interesting and maybe funny battle of wits between Hunter and the “Great Widow Tsay” and then later Peyton is at first rather funny, but then it’s just tiresome. I found myself skimming over the ramblings of Hunter and his supposed creative ways to reinvent his prejudice and anger towards others. And lastly, the author really needed a better editor, because there were more than a few errors that I had a hard time overlooking. ("redden" breasts should have read "reddened breasts" on page 124. "Not tears of sorry" was an oddity on page 480. "When was she finished" on page 534. And there was a few more that I failed to notate but I felt messed with the flow of the story because it bothered me so much) It took away from this work. It was the editors job to tell the writer that there is some excess writing that should be cut out. I am not sorry I read this book, but I am sorry that it did not go through more serious editing. It has potential to be a fresh and original read. I am interested to see more from this writer, but I advise him to fire his editor.I should add that I DID in fact finish the book and stand behind this review. less
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Idea was good, but just too wordy. Easy to lose interest in. Does the author have a gay fixation?
I have never read a book more in need of an editor.
I really enjoyed this book. Thanks for the read.
i like the story
*3.5 stars*
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